Too Tall for Trunki? Jump on a Jurni!

Four years and countless prototypes later, the same in house design team behind the Trunki ride-on suitcase have developed Jurni; the ultimate travel solution for teenagers.


Jurni is a sit-on, carry-on suitcase with a quick access pop out pod, a seat to rest on and in-line wheels to glide along while in queues. It is the company’s biggest innovation since the arrival of the original Trunki in 2006.

Jurni launched on indiegogo 16th November 2015 reaching 535% funded in 60 days. Jurni then began shipping from July 2016 – more or less 10 years after Trunki came to market!

Inspired by the ‘classic’ briefcase, Jurni exudes a “grown up” aesthetic yet with some personality. A new brand for millennials, Jurni has inherited some of the design language from Trunki; the slight concave cut across the top of the case indicating it can be sat on, the hall mark semi-circular saddle hinting that it can be “ridden” and, of course, a secret compartment.

Three consumer insights drove the design development;

  • Airports are getting more crowded resulting in long queues and lack of seating
  • All teens are glued to their mobile tech & need quick instant access to it
  • Hand Luggage lacks functionality and usability once at your destination or even at home.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing our key design elements that enabled us to meet these consumer insights and bring our design Jurni to fruition!